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Mini car ashtray from Baseus with LED backlight

Cleaning the interior of your vehicle is a difficult process, especially if you use it frequently. Smokers, in particular, require an ashtray that is both practical and attractive. In order to match customer expectations, the Baseus brand created a Premium model that is both elegant and stylish. Even an utilitarian aspect like this can make the interior of the vehicle not only clean, but also appealing.

BASEUS Zhenpin Premium Car Ashtray

  1. Original design, luxurious and chic
  2. Humanized design, easy flicking with one hand and enjoy smoking to your heart's content
  3. The ashtray is designed with LED light, which lights up automatically when the lid is opened. Feel free to smoke at night
  4. Detached bottle body, the top and bottom can be rotated to open convenient for cleaning cigarette butts abs ashes
  5. Never suffer from smoke, keep the air in the car ventilated and produce healthy air for you and your family


Material: Aluminum Alloy
Suitable for: Car
Package included: 1 x BASEUS Zhenpin Premium Car Ashtray

Simple to use

Safety and driving comfort are crucial whether you are behind the wheel or merely a passenger. With the Baseus automobile ashtray, you can precisely shake off cigarette ash with one hand. Not only during the day, but also at night, you can easily control it with one hand.

In the car, keep the clutter under control.

The interior of vehicles is effectively polluted by cigarette butts or the ash that falls from them. They are not only unattractive, but they also emit a terrible stench and pose a safety risk. Unless you use a special ashtray for them. It's just as simple to empty and clean. To clean, simply disconnect the body, unscrew it, and pull it out.

Microclimate is pleasant.

Is it necessary to travel in the vapors of tobacco smoke if you smoke in a car? No, if you have a Baseus Premium ashtray. It has a tight-fitting sealing ring that prevents smoke from escaping. For the sake of the passengers' health, the air in the automobile is appropriately ventilated and always fresh.

Design that is unique

Baseus designers ensured that the product's appearance corresponded to its usefulness. The galvanic, light-sensitive mirror surface is created to exacting standards. It is linked with a level of luxury that is well-suited to the interiors of modern automobiles. It also possesses flame-resistance qualities. It must be deep and wide enough to hold cigarette butts and ashes without spilling garbage all around it.

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